Changes in Practice- Week 32 Activity 8

Upon reflection on my personal 32 week learning journey through the whole postgraduate programme.   It has definitely been one of a challenging expereince with no regrets, I am happy I took the leap of Faith in begining of my Postgrad studies journey with MINDLAB course. The first 16 weeks was a more famailiar classroom expereinece with many interactive activities whereby I have enjoyed and I have implemented into my own classroom practice and become more confidence with google apps for example google classroom and forms. As for the online interaction this was a formidable experience for me, which I am still keen to learn more about and take that extra leap in my own Professional Social media connections. I do know I need to manage my time much more effectively and I need to dedicate more serious time and focus in Post grad studies.  For every assessment I have had to request for an extension and extra time from the wonderful MINDLAB admisntrators who were very helpful thank you Tasha and Tino for you patience with me.

Criteria 4: Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of professional personal practice. 

From the begining of this course I have tried to dedicate and have a more improved level of commitment and demonstrate professional personal practice. I am aware of my ability to implement eveidece base research from my Blended Learning Literature Review into my classroom practice with resoable confidence. Howevet I am yet to explicitly share with my depatrtment and whole staff.  For the 4 assessments in this course I will provide a brief reflection to demonstrate my professonal learning development.


1.CISC 8110-Digital & Collaborative Learning in Context-My experience was variable as a result of not having a personal lap top or ipad, I struggled with  both these assessments. I am graetful for my colleague that was also doing the Mind Lab course at the same time where by lend me one of the PE department iPad, which was my first time to use.  I was happy that I got reasonable results for the frrst assessment and was able to provide a “well-argued with a narrative structure that relates themes together and explains what has been learned. However, I was not able to really considered different stakeholder groups in the second assessments. For example, how are other teachers responding to student needs?” and  I was not organised therefore “provided a poorly structured presentation of disconnected information, or the length did not meet the required criteria.”  

2.CISC 8104-Leadership in Digital & Collaborative Learning- The first assesment was interesting and I was surprised that I was able to show my confidence in the Google classroom initiative and analyze the leadership theories and provided plenty of honest, critical self-reflection about my newly appointed Principal. My sencond leadership assessment is yet to be marked since I was able to get a resubmit.

3.CISC 8101-Research and Community Informed Practice- I am still astonished that I completed my very first Literature review, which was probably the hardest academic writing I have had to do. I am aware of the gaps and the need for me to elaborate more on the objectives of this review and provide further critical evaluation of the  literature by comparing and contrasting them. I needed to provide a detailed discussion on the gaps in current literature. However the overall experience was critical for me as LIFE LONG LEARNER and I am proud of myself that I was able to complete it. I will need to mprove with more detailed explanation and critical evaluation on some aspects of the inquiry. In terms of planning and data collection, where I could have provided evidences of data collection such as constructed interview questions, and more detailed description on how different types of data will be analysed and combined to answer your inquiry questions. My analysis on the findings was valid, but the potential impacts needed to be evaluated critically with more depth or breadth of Blended learning. As a result of internal school commitments Polyfest and external commitments Pasifika where by I was the MC for the Tongan stage, Church, family commitments and my former Highschools Centenary Celebrations all in one month.  I was unable to complete the online participation. Which would result in my hesitatnt to fully participate in the next assesment.

4.CISC 8100- Applied Practice in Context- The aim for this assessment is “To critically examine and contextualise practice and develop a critical understanding of how indigenous knowledge and cultural responsiveness, society, ethics, environment and law inform practice.” My inability to commit and complete a blog each week, agaim resulted in my lack of time management and particpating with the online paritcipation and really taking the leap tasks.

Criteria 5: Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning. Professional knowledge in practice

My current role as Assisstant HOD I have encouraged Google classroom into the department. However I am yet to observe whether it is fully implemented.  From Y9 until Y13 students have been able to fully engaged at their oiwn pace since. This is a result of  my ability to set up an engaging and a series of different level activities on google classroom tasks. This year I will need to gauge and share with the department  some of the great learning I have experience in the MIND LAB course. I am a collaborator and I have been actively involved in omy schools PD Committees such as the e-Learning, Adaptive  teaching. I am now looking forward to pursue a Leadership course next term with UoA. The benefits of Google Classroom has lifted my teaching and relationship with my students and explicitly showing how to be a LIFELONG LEARNER. and making mistakes is OK.  I have to realise that I have potential Leadership skills and I need to share my explicit understanding about the Teaching as Inquiry process with my fellow colleagues.

Therefore I write this reflection  with some  relief  that I have been able to some extent tcomplete this course. I have read  all the  FB page Auckland Central InTake 2016 MindLabCentral16 and I am grateful for the 19 members who have been verysupportive. I have enjoyed learning how to create a Blog page and insert pictures which I have thoroughly enjoyed. But was not entirely confident to use google + community page. Something I aim to utilise in the near future. My next dream regarding my future professional development is to dedicate time for further Post grad studies and .

I am grateful for my family and thankful to my colleagues for their support, many times I really was comtemplating if I should withdraw.  I take my hat off to everyone who has completed this course, it is so worth it.

So take a leap of faith in your Professional Personal practice.


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